Lately, on the 22nd of September 2018, we took part of the grand opening of the studio where we train, TheUnityDance. It was a perfect opportunity to show what we have been working on for the past several month. It was as well to present our new members that joined us lately after the audition and the workshop of our coach Janet Vincenza

janet opening.jpg

Our proud coach Janet after our performance


Who we are:

Unity_93 (2)

We are dancers. We are artists.
In 2017, Janet brought together 25 dancers and founded the “Diversity Queens”. Since then, we have grown to 38 queens&kings. We train together, we work together, we have fun together. Representing different dance styles from contemporary to Hip Hop, from Jazz to Acrobatics, our goal is it to gain a reputation in the international dance scene. We are looking forward to bringing new things to the commercial business by working together with local artists and performing unforgettable show acts.
Furthermore, we offer extraordinary ways of advertising and representing products for different events and video shoots.